About us

We are a group of passionate traders led by Dr. Abhijeet Kumar, who is a medical doctor and a full time passionate trader.

Dr. Abhijeet Kumar has passed his MBBS from one of the finest medical schools in India situated in Kolkata and he is a full time dedicated doctor of Internal medicine, His passion towards trading started back in 2008 when he started managing portfolio of his father and he made some good decisions and anticipated the great fall of housing crisis and not only saved his portfolio from a gigantic loss, but also made a decent profit by going short on index futures.

Dr. Kumar has proven his efficiency in trade over last 14 years and have been consistently profitable in day trading, swing trading, investment and derivatives strategy. One of his phenomenal trade was shorting markets in February 2020 which was then followed by a massive fall, anticipated by only a handful of market gurus. His expertise includes, option selling on both intraday and positional basis, including various methods of hedging which includes vertical spreads, calendar spreads, delta hedging and portfolio hedging methods.

Also, he is a passionate algo system developer and he has developed many strategies which are data based and are tested in live market for months, and proven to be very successful.

His motto is, not to provide tips and advisory but to educate everyone in the financial market so that everyone can get to reach the ultimate goal of financial freedom.

Now, despite of being a dedicated doctor, he trades regularly in markets and also teaches students regularly about his flagship strategies.

He has started his mentoring programme in options trading back in 2020 September.